Why Perfectionism makes you Imperfect.

I’m a perfectionst. Way less now than I used to be, but still, the trait is there. Getting started with a project like this hence becomes daunting and overwehlming. So much to do, and I cannot just put out gibberish here. Who would ever be interested in that? BUT, for now, I reason this is also an important tool & practice for myself. A place to make public commitments and stay accountable to myself – and whomever actually might be reading. Destructive behaviours, patterns often grounded in faulty values and believes, is one of the key reasons to way we end up burned out and exhausted to the degree  we need to take a sick leave.

So, this whole thing – just doing it and being okay with putting out what perhaps isn’t up to my standards, is the first step towards overcoming burnout and fatigue. PRACITING BEING IMPERFECT!

Because we can’t live a – durable – life with unreachable standards across the board – It’s just too demanding! We have to choose what’s important, learning to prioritize and focus on what’s really important. FOR ME, in this case, is to just get started with this project of mine and hopefully share some of my learnings and experiences with you.

You see, I’m nerdy that way and research a lot (also part of why I burned out) and play around with different ways of getting back to my normal self. TAKING ACTION. And once and a while I come across valuable information, tools & insights I want to share with people, like yourself!

Just to put it out there – social commitment has tremendous power – my Goal is to write one blog post each day, sharing my journey towards getting my health & energy back. Plus, I get a kick out of the whole creative experience, it’s like a Cornerstone habit that just gets me to do all these other things that I know I should and want to do, but just don’t get around to. Although I will give myself a free pass if I feel it’s one of those days it only contributes to me burning myself out again, or I’ll just stop by to say hi.

Afternoon Update – I went to a Body Balance group training session and then cooked myself an amazingly tasty Butternut pumpkin soup. SOOO TASTY. Both of these activties are things that have helped me to recover and practicing mindfulness and awerness!

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