My Daily Journey Towards My Health Back.


FIRST POST. Just getting started here. Trying to remove all the “girls”-pictures since I “accidentally” choose a make-up artist template for this website. Anyhow, since I less then a week back started this little project of mine I like to call “LIFEFIX”,  I also thought it would be a good idea to start blogging about my findings in this journey I’ve embarked upon. 

What journey you might ask? Well, two days ago, 14th of October 2019 I started my sick leave (been working 25% for 6 weeeks now), diagnosed with exhaustion syndrome. Burnout. Call it whatever. I messed up my body in all the weird ways you can imagine. There’s a lof ot factors that played a part in why that came to be, but that’s a story for another day. 

Honestly, I’ve pushed myself too hard this evening already putting together this website and I seriously need to step the fu*k away from the computer. NOW. That’s one of my problem, getting sucked in when it’s something interesting. Needing closure. It’s a love hate relationship. You’ll get to know more about that in another post. Maybe. 

NOW I’m going to call the girl I’ve been seeing for the last couple of months while simultanoiulsy cooking up a butternut pumpking soup. YUMMY! Getting on a low histamine (as one step towards finding out what’s causing stress on my body) diet anytime soon (avoiding it) so I’m going to make sure to enjoy the crap out of this Fridays dinner with a spoon (JAR) of beanuttbutter as a desert.

Talk soon! AND then I’ll acctually share some insights & theroy on how to get closer to  fixing my – our – burnout issues. 


P.S – Sorry for the typos – practicing NOT being a perfectionist. It’s part of why I’m here in the first place. 

D.S  – I went back to check some… So the onces that are left I have no good excuse for, besides being Swedish ;). 


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